Music Production

Specializing in creating the right sound for Artists, Bands,TV commercials and movies and Independent projects. I Produce tracks specific to your practical tips needs. Core competency areas include: Hip Hop and R&B, music production, mixing, mastering, soundtrack, promotions and event productions. I can assist you with your creative needs in all of the previously mentioned areas. In addition, I also specialize in graphic design, web design and video production.

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I offer a one-stop option for all of your small business marketing needs. I can help direct you through the steps you need to create a recognizable brand and, if necessary, identify a target market for your business growth. I create eye-catching print marketing collateral that you can use to enhance your business and attract the clients you want, find more info at I implement marketing and SEO tactics to get the clients to your website, then I create a beautiful website that has clear call-to-action so your visitors are doing what you want them to do. I have the backend knowledge to make it all perform and the artsy gifts to make it stunning.

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